Lee & Associates’ new blog, www.LinkByLee.com, was honored recently by The Content Funnel – a respected creator of social media strategies for real estate companies.

The creative competition attracted scores of entries for 15 marketing categories for the #REMAS, real estate marketing awards.  Honorees in the first-year completion included industry notables Siemens Real Estate, Toll Brothers, Apto and Pace Advertising.  Lee & Associates received an honorable mention in the best company blog category – the category won by overall #REMAS winner Regency Centers.

Lee & Associates is “a newer addition to the blog world,” said the panel of five judges. They also remarked on the “the value that Lee’s platform provides” its brokers and recognized that the “blog’s content has driven continual audience growth.”

Judges, who included a Coca-Cola marketing executive, also were impressed with the Lee blog’s eye-catching design and for “publishing original content that promotes Lee & Associates’ brand.”

It was only 18 months ago we decided to embark on this project.  A blog basically does three things:  It helps with “search engine optimization,” which drives more traffic to our website; if our original content fits with what’s trending on social media, it exposes us to vast new audiences; lastly, it tells people more about who we are.

Sure, we’re a transaction-oriented company and transactional agents, which is how we drive revenue and serve clients.  But that doesn’t tell the whole story of Lee & Associates, our agents and where our expertise lies.  By sprinkling our blog with a mix of strict industry-related content along with thoughtful and occasionally provocative reports and commentaries on an array of subjects, it highlights our talent, our influences, the quality of our organization and our brand.

We don’t really set out on projects like this or any of our other goals and objectives to win awards.  Just as no broker would engage in a transaction because it would be noteworthy or for industry recognition.  It’s done to provide client service, for financial compensation and personal and professional satisfaction.  But when a transaction is done so well that it’s singled out for recognition, then it becomes something else.  It reflects well on the brand.  It’s kind of an unintended consequence of doing a good job.

For example, we recently celebrated when SIOR’s Inland Empire/Orange County /Phoenix Chapters awarded a “Member-Member Transaction Award” to three Lee & Associates brokers: Larry Null in the Riverside, Calif., office, and Craig Coppola and Andrew Cheney in the Phoenix office.

Craig and Andrew were recognized for their $72.5-million, 35-acre sale and Larry was honored for the largest dollar transaction of $70 million for 100 acres.  All three fellows should be congratulated for their achievements.  In Larry’s case, he did a great job utilizing relationships and his market knowledge to execute a transaction that was somewhat unlikely at the outset.  He did a fantastic job, and it was one of the most coveted transactions in SIOR for the entire year.

Just as it’s important for the industry to recognize success objectively, we believe there are a number of subjective factors that are vital to an organization but are often un-measureable.  This is why we’ve begun a program that recognizes a number of qualities, such as productivity, the sharing of business, community and civic involvement and lifetime body of work – achievements that also enhance the Lee & Associates brand.

Join me in congratulating Lori Rodenbeck and Erik Hamilton for the job they’ve done to produce the blog.  If you look at other company blogs, you’ll see how well ours compares and that our #REMAS award had nothing to do with beginner’s luck.

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